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Credit Card Authorization

The easiest and most secure way to fill out a Cisco Credit Card Authorization Form is to email us at and request us to email you the form via DocuSign. You can fill out that DocuSign form on your smartphone or computer (no print or scan necessary). After you fill out and sign the form, we can pull your FICO credit history and score(s).

Alternatively, download the form below and fill in all required fields. Then save it to your device (SAVE button top left of your screen) and email it to as an attachment.

Free Online Credit Score Estimate:

If you are curious or uncertain about your current credit score, we suggest trying one of the following free websites. These will provide consumer credit score estimates for free, without penalty against your credit score or the need for a credit card to view your score. This online score is not accepted for home loan approval purposes but will give you a rough idea of what your credit score range could be.


To proceed with a loan application and potentially qualify for approval for a new home loan, we will need to pull your FICO credit score through an authorized credit agency like Cisco Credit and pay for that with your credit or debit card (see Authorization Form, above.)

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