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Homeowners aged 62+ with >60% equity can stay in their home for life!

  • No required mortgage payments

  • Minimal income and easy credit qualifying

  • You keep the title to your home

  • Sell or refinance your home in the future

  • Use the proceeds to pay off existing mortgage(s)

  • Foreclosure payoff is OK

You are also required to receive consumer information for free or at very low cost from a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage  (HECM) counselor prior to obtaining the loan. You can find an HECM counselor online by clicking here, or by calling (800) 569 4287.

How to Keep Your Home

and Eliminate Mortgage Payments


What if you could wave a Magic Wand and make your current financial worries about your home disappear?  Well, your Magic Wand is available through the refinancing of your current mortgage(s)!

With our SMART EQUITY™ Refinance Loan, we pay off your existing mortgage(s), get you out of your possible financial struggles and into a new affordable home loan with no required mortgage payments for life -- and for those of you who get the optional LESA (Lifetime Expectancy Set Aside), no property tax nor property insurance payments are needed for your expected remaining lifetime*. Your home’s equity can make these payments for you. Thousands of homeowners aged 60 or better with sufficient equity in their current home already meet the criteria to refinance their home with such a loan. 

Yes, really!

* LESA = Life Expectancy Set Aside option for future property taxes and property insurance

Here's a brief sample calculation:


But how does it work??

  • We get you a new SMART EQUITY™ Refinance Loan. The loan will be enough to pay off your estimated loan balance(s) and any arrearages. It also pays your new loan closing costs and provides you with an additional amount (depending on your age, home value and amounts owed) that can be set aside for future property tax and insurance payments, as cash to you at closing, or as an equity line that you can use for any purpose in the future.

  • No payments are required on your new mortgage. That’s right, you don’t have to make any mortgage or interest payments for life on your new SMART EQUITY™ Refinance Loan – they are simply added to the back of your loan. However, you can make the monthly payment if you want. Borrowers must continue to pay insurance and taxes on the home, if LESA is not a part of your loan.

  • The title to your home stays in your name. You can sell, refinance, or bequeath your home at any time. Your SMART EQUITY™ Refinance Loan lender would then simply ask for the payoff of the amount owed, plus any accrued interest and fees.

It all starts with contacting us, either by phone at 760-383-1293, or by filling out an application, below.

More questions? Check out our FAQ page!

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