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We've received your application!

(And if you provided an email address, check your INBOX for a copy!)

We'll now REVIEW your application.

A Home Loan Specialist will CALL you

to go over your application & answer most of your questions.

NEXT...we'll email you a Credit Card Authorization Form

so that Roger Chandler, the Broker, can pull your credit scores

through Cisco Credit Information Services Company

from all 3 major credit bureaus.

3 Credit Bureaus Logos.jpg

Lastly...Roger will call you directly with loan programs,

loan amounts, current interest rates for those programs,

and monthly payment options for qualified borrowers.


If we have already pulled your credit scores, you can CLICK HERE to skip this step and go directly to the final step of the application process, uploading necessary documentation. 

A Mortgage Credit Score is based on FICO scores specific to the mortgage industry and is not the same as consumer credit scoring, such as buying a car or applying for a credit card. Credit bureaus collect information relating to the credit ratings of individuals and make it available to financial institutions, such as Kaiser Financial Services, Inc., with your permission and payment.


Credit scores can vary among the three bureaus and are computed from data that is delivered from your own creditors directly to the bureaus and can contain information such as payment history, available credit, and inquiries.


If you prefer not to enter your personal information such as name, birth date, social security information, or credit card numbers through our secure website, please call us at (760) 383-1293 and we'll be glad to take that information over the phone.

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